ORIGENBCN’s blue spreads through five spanish towns

For the first time in eSports, Origen BCN brings the Superliga Orange final to five cities in Spain. Up to 400 fans joined the viewing parties to cheer on their team.

As it happened last season, we have maintained our sports level fighting for the first place in the regular season and then we have given everything to get the strongest level to the final of the summer split. On this occasion we wanted to be closer to our fans and that is why we have created these five viewing parties in different cities of the country so that the home fan can live the grand finale in family.

Valencia, Madrid, Galicia, Murcia and Barcelona have been the cities chosen for the first activation of this type. Five gaming bars in the respective cities have been transformed to BCN headquarters with merchandising of the team to raffle among fans. Also, in the social media of the team we have been narrating what happened in the different cities giving protagonism to the fans who have come in a group to support their favorite team.

The activation carried out and coordinated by the staff of Origen BCN had the support of the Professional Videogames League (LVP) offering its communication platforms to provide a greater reach and strength of the message.

Afterlife in Barcelona, Oh My Game in Madrid, Kame House Bar in Sevilla, Myrtia Games Bar in Murcia and Bar La Grieta in Vigo. In total more than 400 Origen fans gathered together in the different spots to follow the Superliga Orange Final between Origen BCN and Vodafone Giants.

230.000 unique viewers watched the final making it the match with the highest audience ever in LVP history.

Unfortunately we could not close the day with a victory after falling 3-2 against Giants. A highly contested match that reached the fifth map with options for both clubs in a venue that hung the “sold out” sign days before the match. A match that became the final with the largest audience in the history of the lvp, 230,000 unique users beating the current record that was in the final of the spring split (Origin BCN vs. Splyce Vipers) with 210,000 unique users. An example of the BCN Origen attraction for the esports audience in Spain is that we have been the second most watched team during spring and summer regular split of LVP and breaking records in the two finals.